• GTA San Andreas Shinobi World / GTA with Naruto Version 2011 (PC Game)

    info isalgames
    Year: 2011
    Genre: Action
    Developer: Rockstar Games & naruto-play
    Publisher: naruto-play
    Platform: PC
    Publication Type: RePack (pirates)

    The new version of GTA game called "GTA San Andreas Sinobi World", where you can play with your favorite characters from the anime Naruto and the others. In terms of how to play is no different to GTA, only the appearance of characters has changed. if you confessed lover of the GTA games, you must try this one, I'm sure you will love it.

    Control in the game:
    When clicking on the G appears cobblestone LMB we throw;
    When you click on TAB + Q or TAB + E - change the skins (TOBI, Madara and Kakuzu);
    When clicking on the N + and turns back to Toby, but in this mode can do:
    Shadow clone - key J +1;
    Substitution - the keys J +2;
    To exit - key J + C;
    When you click on O - Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu;
    When you click on F7 - lightning;
    When you log into the water squeeze on Y - now walk on water, to exit press N;
    When clicking on the K + T - call for a sword;
    If you come right up to the passer or Kopu and press P, then we do HENGE NO Jutsu (Technique of Rebirth);
    If you hold down the RMB and click on F, then we can fight at once 3 wrestling - boxing, kung fu, Teykvando;
    When you click on NUM 5 + NUM X Sutemi do, but they die at the same time;
    When pressing the SHIFT in the car is slowing;
    And finally in the game you are in God, but to die, you can:
    When you explode a car and Sutemi.

    System Requirements: 
    Operating System: Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000 (SP3) / XP
    Processor: Pentium April 2400 MHz +
    Memory: 512 MB (1024 MB for Windows Vista)
    Video: 64 MB & 128 MB
    Sound card: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0 (No she did not start the game!)
    Free hard drive space: 5.86 GB
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    Password: yanst3r.blogspot.com 



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