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    Teman-teman pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan game Dinasty Warrior ini. Game ini sangat populer di PS2. Nah untuk game dinasty warrior versi PC telah diluncurkan versi terbarunya yaitu Dinasty Warrior 7 Extreme Legends. Dalam versi terbaru ini, banyak ditambahkan fitur-fitur yang baru, seperti penambahan karakter, game mode, dll. Rasanya tidak asik kalau saya jelaskan semuanya disini, silahkan teman-teman coba langsung saja, ok. Let's check it.

    Penambahan Karakter terbaru
    Dalam Game Dinasty Warrior 7 ini ada penambahan 3 karakter baru yaitu:

    Posted Image
    Guo Jia (Fengxiao)

    Posted Image
    Wang Yi

    Posted Image
    Pang De (Lingming)

    New Weapons

    • Batting Stick
    • Scimitar
    • Giant Fork/Sai
    • Dragon Spear
    • Crescent Blade
    • Double Pike
    New Modes
    Legend Mode 
    Challenge Mode

    New Gameplay Features
    New Actions
    • shadowless feet
    • turnover
    General Rank
    • As characters grow up in strength, they will also improve their general ranks
    • In order to get general rank promotions, specific objectives will have to be done, which get gradually harder as the player advances to higher ranks
    • Increment on general rank will bestow things from special ability to additional equipment on the character's costume
    • Military books can be bought to instantly power up characters. So players can use their most powerful characters to farm the money and then power up other characters with that
    Tactic Scrolls
    • Tactic scrolls can be bought to instantly power up characters. So players can use their most powerful characters to farm the money and then power up other characters by using the money to buy tactic scrolls
    • It seems that you can not only increase the basic stats (Health, Attack, Defense), but you can also buy instant deeds and even increase stats that determine weapon proficiencies (Power & Speed) as well
    • A new difficulty level harder than Chaos
    • Changing costumes will now be reflected on in-game cutscenes as well
    • Moveset attacks are being re-evaluated and will be rebalanced accordingly
    • Character stats and skills can be reset to starting values
    • There is no Edit Mode (aka Create-A-Warrior)
    • There are no Opening & Ending Edits here either
    • EX weapons are not to be changed by the DLC weapons
    • Online co-op will be also available in Legend Mode and the now co-opable Story Mode
    • Progress made from the DW7 save data can be imported to XL. Details on this are coming later
    • XL will have its own trophy set from the main DW7 game
    • XL's trophy set can be completed by itself without having to Mixjoy with DW7
    • Playing the Mixjoyed Story and Chronicle modes will not unlock the original DW7 trophies
    • XL will not have its own DLC. However, the DLC for DW7 are also usable in XL. Some of the DLC are also only accessible through Mixjoy (probably like stages)
    • New characters will also have original costumes. It is unknown though whether their costumes will be added by getting the respective kingdom's costume set or if there will be a brand-new DLC pack dedicated for them
    Minimum Requirements:
    • CPU: Pentium 4 2.0GHz atau lebih
    • Sistem: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 
    • Memory: 512MB atau lebih 
    • Hard Disk: ruang kosong 13GB 
    • Drive: DVD 
    • Layar: 640 * 480 atau resolusi di atas 
    • Graphics: lebih dari 128MB memori dan mendukung DirectX 9.0c 3.0 prosesor grafis 3D untuk lebih dari dukungan fungsi shader perangkat keras (Hardware Shader) 
    • Sound : DirectX 9.0c di atas

     Semoga Artikel ini bermanfaat, >_<

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